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There are some fabulous movies in the festival.
So check out the full details!

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Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ‘do’ the 7 sins!
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
Russ Meyer sex-crazed madness!
Hemmings & Redgrave in Swinging London!
Catch Us If You Can
(See Having A Wild Weekend)
The Ghost Goes Gear
Steve Winwood & pals in haunted house!
Go-Go Mania
The cream of the British Invasion rock out!
Gonks Go Beat
Pop-Star Wars! - British rockers slug it out!
Great Exploitations!
A live stage show! An hour of mod humor!
Having A Wild Weekend
The Dave Clark Five go crazy!
The Monkees - on acid (& a Jack Nicholson script!)
The Beatles in a day-glo comedy caper!
The Jokers
Michael Crawford & Oliver Reed steal Crown Jewels!
The Knack
Seduction 101 - with a pre-Phantom Michael Crawford!
Lord Love A Duck
Outrageously wicked comedy in high school!
Mods & Rockers
Kitsch camp classic. Seduction in the mod era!
Mick Jagger as a kinky decadent rock star!
A futuristic state-sponsored Ziggy Stardust rebels!
Pop Gear
(See Go-Go Mania)
Jack Nicholson as hairy San Fran hippie in 1967!
Raquel Welch
(See Bedazzled)
Reflections On Love
Swinging London dollybirds & Beatles!
Riot On Sunset Strip
Drugged-out hippie scum in 1967!
Summer Holiday
Dudes take London bus for co-ed Euro-trip!
Thunderbirds Are Go!
Super-cool puppets go for it in Space!
Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London
Stones & Pink Floyd on acid!
The Touchables
Pop star kidnapped by sexy nymphs!
Scientist spies on sexy nymph - Pop star George Harrison scores! (the movie that is!)

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