The Pop-Culture Icons Guide

The films in the festival feature some of the larger-than-life people who by their personalities or work defined the Sixties. So check out the movies featuring these pop-culture icons!

Alan Aldridge
Famed illustrator/artist - including the cult book "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics"
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Syd Barrett
Legendary founder of the original Pink Floyd. Rock's first acid casualty. See Syd Play!
Tonite Let's All Make Love In London
Toni Basil
The famous choreographer/cheerleader/singer ("Mickey") started by choreographing Monkees!
Jane Birkin
British actress-singer-nymph! (The notorious "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus" erotic Euro-hit!) Still wowing the French!
Blow Up
Timothy Carey
Howard Cosell
The very first of his several movie cameos as "Himself" Well before Woody Allen's "Bananas" and "Broadway Danny Rose."
Mal Evans
Famed faithful Beatles roadie plays a cross-channel swimmer. He later played an anvil (!) during the "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" recording session in "Let It Be" Last role: Tragically he played an undeserving target for trigger-happy L.A. cops in 1973. R.I.P. Mal.
Annette Funicello
The original Mouseketeer!
Allen Ginsberg
The definitive beat poet who transcended time to become the definitive hippie poet and guru
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David Hockney
The definitive 60's artist. Northern English working-class. Took England then America by storm. Still (rightly) respected - both for his innovative art and for his political/social conscience
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Sonny Liston
The former heavyweight champ hooks up with the Monkees! Clay/Ali may have beaten him - but he's still a knock-out!
Victor Mature
The original alpha-man! An actor with the wit and courage to lampoon his own faded 40's matinee idol image (rent: "After The Fox"!)
Edna O'Brien
The feisty outspoken writer
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Andrew Loog Oldham
The Rolling Stones' enigmatic first manager. His unintentionally badly-executed copycat of a George Martin concept (an orchestral album of his band's rock hits) yielded a barely-recognizable 1965 cover of the Stones' "The Last Time" - the perfect music bed for The Verve's 1998 hit "Bitter Sweet Symphony"
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Anita Pallenberg
Actress/model/geologist (Noted collector of Stones - including Brian, Mick, Keith...)
Jean Shrimpton
The original super-model/actress - nicknamed ‘The Shrimp’ Her sister Chrissie was Mick Jagger’s first post-fame girlfriend - but it ended because she wasn’t Faithfull. (Marianne that is! The next conquest on Mick’s never-ending belt!) Jean was once engaged to 60’s photographer David Bailey - the prototype for the David Hemmings character in “Blow-Up”
Frank Zappa
A Mother of a musician and visionary - in a rare acting role - as a critic!

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