Celebrity and
Filmmaker News

These following celebrities and filmmakers are currently scheduled to attend the Mods & Rockers! Film Festival! Click on the movie titles for film schedule times and celebrity appearance notes.

Eleanor Bron
Bedazzled - Actress
Micky Dolenz
Head - Actor/Musician
Teri Garr
Head - Actress
Joe Massot
Wonderwall - Director
Russ Meyer
Beyond The Valley of the Dolls - Director
Richard Rush
Psych-Out - Director
Walter Shenson
Help! - Producer
Spencer Davis
The Ghost Goes Gear
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Psych-Out - Musicians
Beyond The Valley of the Dolls - Musicians
Gordon Waller
Go-Go Mania - Musician (Peter and Gordon)

Please note that all appearances are based on current availability and are of course subject to change. This page is regularly updated to reflect the latest news.


It is American Cinematheque tradition to invite the principal creators of the films it presents to attend events - and share their memories with the audience in post-screening discussions.

In the past 12 years, many of the world's leading directors, actors, writers, producers, composers etc. have attended Cinematheque screenings and participated in memorable conversations about their work.

Inevitably, many of the creators of the films presented by the Cinematheque live in cities and countries far from Hollywood. And those who live in Los Angeles often work away from their hometown. So it is always a delight when someone directly associated with a film is able to attend a screening.

Invitations have been issued to all the locatable principals associated with the movies in the Mods & Rockers! Film Festival. Several V.I.P. invitees are hoping to attend but have not yet been able to confirm. This page is regularly updated, so please check back often.


The American Cinematheque has invited as many of the actors, musicians, writers, directors and producers of the films in the Mods & Rockers! Film Festival as it has been able to locate. It has not been possible to find everyone.

If you are personally associated with - or know how to contact someone who is - principally associated with any of the films in this festival - please contact the festival organizers immediately with full details. We may not have reached that person yet - and your help would be most appreciated.

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