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Monday, May 24, 1999

Lost Harrison Track Hits Wall
By Susanne Ault

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - A never-before-heard 1967 George Harrison track, "In the First Place," has just been dusted off for commercial release -- something sure to be music to Beatles' fans' ears.

UK-based director Joe Massot stumbled upon the song while piecing together a new audio track for his 1968 cult film "Wonderwall" -- the picture that inspired British rock group Oasis' breakthrough hit of the same name. Massot initially thought he was just doing routine cleaning of the film (featuring the only score ever composed by Harrison) in time for its U.S. premiere June 26 in Los Angeles in an American Cinematheque festival of 60's movies believed to have inspired the creation of the "Austin Powers" - character.

But while rifling through the old soundtrack tapes, Massot heard a new tune with a Harrison ring to it. It turns out that Harrison recorded "In the First Place" with backup band Remo Four, but never submitted it to Massot for consideration as part of the original "Wonderwall" score.

In response to a plea from Massot, however, Harrison agreed to release the song commercially and add it to the new director's cut of the picture. But he insisted on two conditions: he would receive credit only as producer (although his voice is plainly heard on the track), and the Remo Four would be named as the performer.

The song, which sounds a lot like Harrison's "Blue Jay Way," is currently selling online through Massot's Pilar Productions website. But the director is shopping around for possible pacts with record companies. Massot is also hunting for a U.S. home video distributor for "Wonderwall."

In addition to the "Wonderwall" premiere, other 60's movies the American Cinematheque plans to show in its film festival include Stanley Donen's "Bedazzled," the Jack Nicholson-scripted "Head." the Beatles' starring-vehicle "Help!" and Peter Yates' first directing assignment, "Summer Holiday."

The festival - titled "Mods & Rockers! Groovy Movies From The Shag-a-Delic Sixties!" runs from Friday June 25 through Sunday July 4 at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre.

And capping off the festival July 4 is a British-themed tea party to be attended by surprise guests with 60's connections.

For ticket information, call (323) 466 3456.

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