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Just six months into the new millennium a major Hollywood film & arts festival is launching what is believed to be the first-ever revival of the 20th Century!

The festival - entitled "MODS & ROCKERS 2000" - is a two-week celebration of the movies, music, TV, fashions and pop culture of the 20th Century's most popular decade - the 1960's. In the space of just 13 days - entertainment created in the Sixties by some of the biggest movie stars and musicians of the entire century will be seen by the public in the heart of the entertainment capital of the World - Los Angeles.

In addition to seeing over 30 classic and rare movies and TV shows from the Sixties, festival-goers will also meet many of the major stars of the Sixties who are attending as special guests, hear live 60's music from some of the most popular musicians of the era, see a Sixties fashion show, observe Sixties go-go dancers in prime action and watch top comedians from the Sixties reminisce on the political satire of that era.

Celebrity guests already confirmed to attend the festival in person include:

Actors: Lynn Redgrave . Michael York . Rita Tushingham . Judy Geeson .

Musicians: Spencer Davis . Micky Dolenz . Peter Noone (of Herman's Hermits) . Andy Summers (of The Police) . Denny Laine (Moody Blues & Wings) . Gordon Waller (of Peter & Gordon)

Directors & producers: Michael Lindsay-Hogg . Barbet Schroeder . Walter Shenson . (More guests are being added all the time)

The festival all takes place at Hollywood's oldest active theatre - the recently restored Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in the heart of old Hollywood. (The theatre was built in 1922 by legendary showman Sid Grauman - and was the forerunner of his equally famous Chinese Theatre which he built five years later.)

The festival is presented by one of the nation's most prestigious non-profit cultural organizations - The American Cinematheque - which restored, owns and operates the Egyptian Theatre as L.A.'s permanent home for showcasing the world's finest films.

Reflecting the fact that many of the works and stars featured in the festival of 60's pop culture are British - the organization is hosting a major event on July 4th weekend which affectionately spoofs the British sensitivity to Independence Day (and the Boston Tea Party which started it all!) On the evening of Sunday July 2nd - the festival presents: "CO-DEPENDENCE DAY! The Mods & Rockers English Tea Party!" A light-hearted occasion (with live 60's music by an all-star band) which aims to unite Americans and Brits - by celebrating the Sixties pop culture shared by the two nations.

The festival run from Friday June 30th through to Wednesday July 12th. Full details on festival website:


The American Cinematheque - the non-profit organization dedicated to presenting festivals of the world's finest films to public audiences in Los Angeles - will present its second retrospective of movies that capture the fun essence of the Swingin' Sixties. The festival - titled "MODS & ROCKERS 2000: The Second Annual Festival of Fab Flicks from The Shag-a-delic Sixties!" - will run between Friday June 30th and Wednesday July 12th 2000.

It features 30 top movies from the 1960's - including many rare classics (and some even-rarer stinkers!) - featuring some of the world's most famous actors and musicians - and a who's who of 60's icons as in-person guests.

The season will be presented at the American Cinematheque's recently-acquired permanent home - the gloriously restored 1920's landmark Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood - which after a $15 million renovation - features state-of-the-art technical facilities.

The 30 films in the season were produced between 1963 and 1969 - and were chosen because they reflect all the fun, style, fashion and music of the 1960's. The majority of the films are British - augmented by some seminal American 60's classics.

Most of the films have not been seen theatrically in America since they premiered up to 37 years ago. And some of the films have never been seen in America - not even on television or video - and this is certain to appeal to movie buffs and 60's fans alike.

The festival follows the enormous success of last year's inaugural festival - "Mods & Rockers '99!" - which was the most successful film festival in Cinematheque history.

In addition to reaching the substantial baby-boomer audience for whom the films are prime nostalgia - the festival tapped into the vast audience of young people who have discovered the fun of 1960's movies, music and pop culture through the Austin Powers films and other retro successes.

Many of Britain's top actors will be seen in the films selected for the festival - including: Lynn Redgrave . Alan Bates . Michael York . Richard Burton . John Cleese . Graham Chapman . Peter Cook . Dudley Moore . Rita Tushingham . Denholm Elliott . Charlotte Rampling . Roddy McDowall

There will also be a sprinkling of top American actors - including: Marlon Brando . Walter Matthau . James Coburn . James Mason . John Huston . Maureen O'Sullivan .Teri Garr . Richard Pryor

Because so many 60's movies incorporated musical appearances - such as the obligatory 'party sequence' - and because there were a large number of musicals and documentaries made - festival-goers will also enjoy rarely-experienced musical performances by the biggest pop and rock stars of the era.

British musical artists include: The Beatles . The Rolling Stones . Led Zeppelin . The Who . Pink Floyd . Donovan . Jethro Tull . The Animals . The Kinks . The Moody Blues . Traffic . Free . Emerson, Lake & Palmer . Ten Years After . Spencer Davis Group . The Troggs . Herman's Hermits . Peter & Gordon . Stevie Winwood . Eric Burdon . Olivia Newton-John . The Incredible String Band

American & Canadian musical artists include: Jimi Hendrix . Bob Dylan . The Doors . Joni Mitchell . The Byrds . Steppenwolf . The Monkees . Miles Davis . James Brown Johnny Cash . Kris Kristofferson . Glen Campbell . Leonard Cohen . Joan Baez . Judy Collins . John Sebastian . Little Richard . Jerry Lee Lewis . Fats Domino . Al Kooper

With many of those 60's pop stars having been expected to act as well as sing - audiences will also see 'thespian' turns from The Beatles . The Rolling Stones . The Monkees . Led Zeppelin . Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits . Olivia Newton-John . Donovan . Glen Campbell . Little Richard

Other familiar personalities making guest appearances in the films include such diverse 60's pop icons as: Ed Sullivan . Dick Clark . Tiny Tim . Marianne Faithfull . Anita Pallenberg . Pattie Boyd-Harrison-Clapton . Jay (Tonto) Silverheels . Colonel (KFC) Sanders . Vidal Sassoon

Highlights of the festival include:

. The festival's opening film is "SMASHING TIME" the 1967 satire on Swinging London which was a direct influence on the "Austin Powers" movies. The film stars Lynn Redgrave, Rita Tushingham and Michael York - all of whom will attend the opening night festivities. (When Mike Myers first approached Michael York in 1996 to co-star in the Austin Powers movies - York gave Myers a copy of this film "for inspiration." And it shows!)

. A double bill of Lynn Redgrave's 1966 breakthrough film "GEORGY GIRL" and the 1968 Merchant-Ivory film "THE GURU" which spoofed Western pop stars flocking to India for spiritualism and sitar lessons. Michael York and Rita Tushingham star. Redgrave, Tushingham and York attend the screening.

. Continuing the 'Rock Battle Of The Ages' there will be a Beatles Vs Stones Day! Magnificently restored prints of "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" and "YELLOW SUBMARINE" will be screened for Beatles fans - while Stones fans will see the Los Angeles theatrical premiere of the ultra-rare 1968 "ROLLING STONES ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUS"

. The opening weekend coincides with the July 4th weekend - and continuing a tradition stretching all the way back to 1999 - the Cinematheque will present the British version of Independence Day. "CO-Dependence Day! The Second Annual Mods & Rockers English Tea Party!"

. This four-hour extravaganza features "GO-GO MANIA!" a Brit-pop concert movie starring the Beatles, the Animals and Herman's Hermits - followed by a wild English tea party with live sixties music from an all-star band calling themselves THE SHAG-A-DELICS! Already confirmed for the band are: SPENCER DAVIS (Spencer Davis Group) . ANDY SUMMERS (The Police) . MICKY DOLENZ (The Monkees) . GORDON WALLER (Peter & Gordon) . DENNY LAINE & LAURENCE JUBER (both ex-Wings) . BRUCE GARY (The Knack) - with more stars to be added. The event also features Great British food & drink! . Sixties fashion show! Costume contest! (Prizes for best-dressed Mods & Rockers!) "The Second Annual Mods & Rockers English Tea Party!" is proudly sponsored by Boddingtons Pub Ale.

. Continuing the trend started last year of uncovering deeply embarrassing cinematic rarities of future pop stars - there will be a double-bill screening of Olivia Newton-John's first starring film "TOOMORROW" and "POP DOWN" - a movie featuring Andy Summers (The Police) and Jeff Lynne (ELO/Traveling Wilburys) as teenage psychedelic pop stars. The common link? In both movies flower-pop popsters are probed by space aliens on a mission to understand psychedelic music and the Sixties!

. All three musicians have been invited to appear at the event for a Q&A - and in what is a film festival first - will be provided with the gratis services of a defense attorney as a form of Celebrity Public Defender to help them field awkward questions! The lawyer may be able to invoke the stars' "Sixties Amendment" rights - which allows celebrities not to have to talk about their films from the 1960's if they might tend to incriminate themselves!

. A very rare screening of the controversial 1968 film "CANDY" based on Terry Southern's racy spoof of "Candide" - as adapted by Buck Henry ("The Graduate") The movie stars Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, John Huston and Ringo Starr!

. Two movies featuring little-known soundtracks by Pink Floyd. One film "MORE" was an early work by director Barbet Schroeder ("Single White Female," "Reversal of Fortune") - the other is the US premiere of a 1968 UK movie starring Manfred Mann singer/actor Paul Jones - "THE COMMITTEE"

. A reprise screening of last year's festival hit - the 1968 film "WONDERWALL" featuring the cult soundtrack by George Harrison - including the recently-discovered lost theme song for the movie - discovered in George Harrison's vaults and incorporated in the restored film.

. Acknowledging that this is a Presidential election year - the festival presents the outrageous 1968 political spoof "WILD IN THE STREETS" in which a 24 year-old rock star is elected President of The USA and promptly spikes the Washington DC water supply with LSD, lowers the voting age to 14 and puts all over-30's into concentration camps!

. Paying homage to the theme of "Wild In The Streets" - humorist Martin Lewis (who is the host, producer and co-creator of the entire festival) hosts a special live event "PRESIDENTIALLY INCORRECT!" with top satirists, comedians and political pundits comparing the way movies spoofed politics in the 60's with present-day satire.

. A brief glimpse into the future (the 70's!) with the rarely-seen concert-fantasy extravaganza "THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME" - starring the 1973-era Led Zeppelin - who launched their career in the late 60's - originally named the New Yardbirds!

. Fans of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ("Bedazzled") will see a double-bill of their first solo films. Moore's "30 IS A DANGEROUS AGE, CYNTHIA" - and the US Premiere of Cook's political satire "THE RISE & RISE OF MICHAEL RIMMER" - co-scripted by - and featuring future Monty Python's John Cleese and Graham Chapman.

. Coinciding with the latest bout of Monkee-mania (in late June VH1 premieres its Monkees biopic "Daydream Believers" and "Monkees Behind The Music") the festival presents a MAGICAL MONKEE TOUR featuring the Monkees lost TV special - from 1969 - and the never-before-screened original Monkees TV pilot. Micky Dolenz in attendance.

. The festival closes with two ultra-rare concert documentaries:

. "FESTIVAL!" is the Oscar-nominated 1967 film about the famous Newport Folk Festivals of the early 60's - and features the legendary scene from 1965 when Bob Dylan horrified folk purists by going electric (playing "Maggie's Farm") - a historic moment in rock culture. It also features Joan Baez, Donovan, Judy Collins etc

. "MESSAGE TO LOVE" is the acclaimed 25-years-in-the-making concert documentary which depicts the unspiralling of the sixties dream through the events of the largest rock festival of all time - The 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival. 600,000 fans watch Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison make what turned out to be their farewell performances. Stellar performances by The Who, Moody Blues, Free, Joni Mitchell, Ten Years After, Leonard Cohen and many more 60's icons are intercut with hysterically funny scenes of backstage rip-offs, hippie insanity among the crowd who want the festival to be "free" and the bile of outraged British reactionaries. Hendrix died a few days later. And then Morrison. And the 60's were really over...

As usual with American Cinematheque festivals - there will be Q&A sessions with many of the filmmakers, actors and musicians who created the movies.

The festival has been created and is being produced by the team responsible for some of the American Cinematheque's most successful film festivals of the past ten years - humorist/producer Martin Lewis (a longtime member of the Cinematheque's Board of Trustees) and Dennis Bartok - the Cinematheque's programming manager.

Film festivals created and produced by Lewis & Bartok for the Cinematheque include tributes to comedic talents Monty Python, Richard Pryor, Peter Cook and Peter Sellers, film directors Ken Russell and Nicolas Roeg and the movies of Britain's Hammer Films and Channel Four. And last year's premiere "Mods & Rockers Film Festival." The two-week Monty Python retrospective they produced in 1994 - "Monty Python: Lust For Glory!" - was the comedy troupe's official 25th anniversary celebration - and was a major public and critical success.

The American Cinematheque was founded in 1984. It has presented film festivals, retrospectives and tributes celebrating some of the world's greatest filmmakers. The organization is strongly supported by leading members of the film and TV community ranging from actors, directors and producers to top studio executives.

The Cinematheque's Boards of Governors and Trustees include many of the film industry's most respected leaders - including: Francis Coppola . Barry Diller . David Geffen . Brian Grazer . Goldie Hawn . Mike Medavoy . Mike Nichols . Sydney Pollack . Martin Scorsese . Steve Tisch . Billy Wilder . Saul Zaentz

Its annual fundraiser - The Moving Picture Ball - has honored many of Hollywood's biggest stars - including: Jodie Foster (1999) . Arnold Schwarzenegger (1998) . John Travolta (1997) . Tom Cruise (1996) . Mel Gibson (1995) . Rob Reiner (1994) . Michael Douglas (1993) . Sean Connery (1992) . Martin Scorsese (1991) . Ron Howard (1990) . Steven Spielberg (1989) . Robin Williams (1988) . Bette Midler (1987) . Eddie Murphy (1986)

The Cinematheque's festivals, tributes, opening receptions and annual Moving Picture Ball are frequently attended by the leading lights of the entertainment industry and consistently attract extensive media attention.

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