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Plus irreverent commentary by Hollywood-based, British humorist Martin Lewis (co-creator/producer/host of this festival) - with films rated on his personal Shag-ometer! (Pat. Pending)


Stars Lynn Redgrave, Rita Tusingham and Michael York in person!

FRIDAY JUNE 30th 2000 - 7:00 PM

Martin Lewis says: 5 Shags!

What a super film to open our festival! I had wanted us to include this fabulous satire on Swingin' London in last year's festival - but we couldn't find the space! We make amends this year by making it our prestigious opening event!

Two of its stars - Lynn Redgrave and Michael York are longtime residents of Los Angeles. I have had the privilege of becoming pals with both of them over the years - and they are truly super people. We are very fortunate indeed that they have both agreed to join us for the evening - and will be on hand to discuss this film (and the films from the second program of the evening.)

Michael told me that when he was first picked by Mike Myers to play Basil Exposition in the Austin Powers movies - he gave a video tape of this movie (which incidentally was his first film role) to Mike and director Jay Roach for possible inspiration. Watching "Smashing Time" will show how much influence it had on Austin Powers. It particularly shows in the Carnaby Street dance sequence in the second Powers movie.

The film was written by an old pal of mine - noted Liverpudlian author and jazz singer George Melly - who I first met when his 1972 "Nuts!" album was produced by my mentor and first boss - legendary Beatles publicist - Derek Taylor.

We have a very special short film for the opening program. Double Oscar-winner director Robert Amram attended last year's opening night and gave a brief introduction to the short film titled "Mods & Rockers!" - which opened the festival - and which had been directed by Amram's first boss.

That night Robert confided to me that his very first film had been a 1966 'short' about 'dollybirds' - the affectionate term for the trendy girls of Swingin' London. But that the film had been tragically shelved before release! Well I know providence when it hits me on the head in an unsubtle fashion like that! So I implored Robert to dig up his masterpiece and allow us to present the World Premiere - a mere 34 years late! Robert will be on hand to give a brief introduction to his masterpiece!


1967, Walt Disney, 96 min. Dir. Desmond Davis. The ultimate Mod fairy tale: Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham star as a pair of gawky country girls navigating a candy-colored whirl of London go-go clubs, boutiques and swinging parties - with the help of scene-making photographer Michael York. In no time at all, Redgrave is transformed into a tone-deaf pop singer (dig the Andrew Loog Oldham-clone who signs her!) - while waif-like Tushingham becomes the new "Face of the 60's." Written for the screen by Liverpudlian author and jazz singer George Melly.

Conversation following - with actors Lynn Redgrave, Rita Tushingham and Michael York.

Smashing Time will be preceded by the World Premiere of a 'lost' short film from 1966!

World Premiere!!! Director Robert Amram in person!


1966, 24 min. Dir. Robert Amram. Future double Oscar winner Robert Amram made his filmmaking debut with this 1966 paean to the delights of swingin' London's groovy chicks - the 'dollybird'! A kaleidoscopic docu captures the mod mid-60's zeitgeist. Vidal Sassoon snips their geometric coifs; debs do the frug at the Scotch of St. James; Mick Jagger protege Chris Farlowe serenades them with his #1 hit. But the film was completed just as the op-art scene mutated into hippiedom. Replaced overnight by the 'flower-child' - in the words of Jagger's new song - the dollybirds were instantly "Out Of Time" - as was this delightful film - which was lamentably shelved. A mere 34 years later - we give the film its World Premiere - and Dollybirds rise again!

Director Robert Amram will give a brief introduction!

FRIDAY JUNE 30th 2000 - 9:30 PM

Super-cool Double-Bill!
Stars Lynn Redgrave, Rita Tushingham & Michael York In Person!

Martin Lewis says: 4 1/2 Shags!

This was the film that proved to the world that the Redgrave acting family had yet another talented member. Prior to accepting the role of the rather frumpy Georgina - Lynn Redgrave had been in the shadows of her famous dad Sir Michael and sister Vanessa. After people saw her marvelous performance - she was rightly recognized for her skills and she's never looked back. She received an Oscar nomination for the role and won several critics' awards and that year's Golden Globe. I recently had a cameo role in an episode of Lynn's hot Showtime series "Rude Awakening" - and it was such a joy to work with her. She is really at the top of her game. This film is a marvelous chance to see the first flowering of a remarkable actress.

The sprightly theme song was written by Tom Springfield - the musical 'brother' of the wonderful Dusty Springfield in the early 60's folk-pop trio The Springfields. When Dusty discovered her soul roots, her racoon-inspired eye makeup and her solo career - Tom became a successful writer-producer. The "Georgy Girl" theme song (co-written with "Carry On" actor Jim Dale) was recorded by Tom's discovery The Seekers - who carried on the Springfields' folky legacy. A few years later they were supplanted by the less natural, plasticized NEW Seekers - a pre-fab five with none of the original group's charm.


1967, Columbia, 100 min. The wonderful Lynn Redgrave stars as the hopelessly un-hip Georgina, pining for close chum Alan Bates while roommate Charlotte Rampling jets around London looking.... well deliciously "Rample-able" ! James Mason co-stars as the older businessman who offers to make Redgrave his mistress, in director Silvio Narizzano's bittersweet look at the lives of young Londoners trapped in the Swinging Sixties.

Lynn Redgrave

The Seekers

Martin Lewis says: 4 1/2 Shags!

Those of you who usually shrink from seeing Merchant-Ivory productions for fear of 'cultural overload' will be agreeably surprised by this delightfully engrossing film. The multi-national film-making triumvirate of American director James Ivory, Indian producer Ismail Merchant and German writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala decided to satirize the mid-60's trend of dissatisfied western pop stars jetting in to the Indian sub-continent for a quick dose of spiritual enlightenment - coupled with tuition on an exotic Asian stringed instrument. George Harrison was the most prominent of these visitors. To be fair to him - George has turned out to have an enduring passion for the Eastern music and culture.

But in 1969 it must have seemed like dilettante faddism - and Michael York's "Tom Pickle" explores that aspect as he arrives for a bout of sitar lessons and transcendental mastication! (Unlike Ringo Starr who arrived at the Maharishi's Himalayan retreat with crates of his favorite Heinz Baked Beans to nosh on while he explored his inner soul - Pickle is prepared to nibble on the local delicacies!) And then the gorgeous Rita Tushingham appears....


1968, 20th Century Fox, 112 min. Michael York stars as a disaffected British rock star Tom Pickle (a thinly disguised Beatle George!) who travels to India looking for enlightenment, in director James Ivory's rarely-seen portrait of the collision between cultures Ancient and Mod. Rita Tushingham delivers a sublime performance as the Mia Farrow-like waif who falls for York in between sitar sessions. One of the earliest films from the team of James Ivory, Ismail Merchant and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

Conversation between films with actors Lynn Redgrave, Rita Tushingham and Michael York.

Rita Tushingham

Rita Tushingham and Michael York


The Battle of The Ages Continues in the 21st Century!

SATURDAY JULY 1st 2000 - 5:00 PM

Producer Walter Shenson In Person!!
Restored 35 mm. Print!

Martin Lewis says: 5 Shags!

The most passionate fights of the 60's were not fought between those on either side of the Vietnam War issue... They were battles over the age old debate: Beatles or Stones!!! We have every intention of keeping the fight going in this new Millennium! Our contribution to this year's round is to present three spectacular programs.

"A Hard Day's Night" is still the definitive film of the decade. The exhilarating life-force of the Beatles literally crackles and jumps off the screen. Liverpudlian Alun Owen's whip-sharp script exactly captured the sardonic Mersey-wit - which was as important a part of the Fabs' success as the legendary Mersey-beat. And George Martin's inventive score skillfully built on the innate melodic genius of Lennon & McCartney. Both Owen and Martin were rewarded with Oscar nominations - unheard of for what had been conceived of by the studio as a throwaway jukebox musical. Richard Lester's direction is inventive as it is confident. Producer Walter Shenson's instincts on who to hire for this film - starting with Richard Lester - were impeccable.

Walter has become a good friend in recent years. A few years ago he asked me to lend him a hand by conducting a few interviews for a TV special he was producing with David Leaf on "The Making Of A Hard Day's Night." I was thrilled to help - and interviewed several people - including the incredible Victor Spinetti and Walter himself. The program was hosted by Phil Collins - who of course appeared as a 10 year-old fan in the audience of the film's TV show sequence. This will be the world theatrical premiere of this program.

Walter - who is just turning 81 years-young! - will be joining us for a conversation. Don't miss hearing and seeing Walter!


1964, United Artists (2000 - Miramax) 85 min. Director Richard Lester's brilliant, carefree comedy set the tone for the rest of the 1960's, and captured the Beatles at their best, clowning (as one respected reviewer said) like reincarnated Marx Bros. From Lester's restless, handheld camerawork to writer Alun Owen's surreal Day-in-the-Life script to the Beatles themselves - exuberantly singing "Can't Buy Me Love," "If I Fell" and many others - this is the essence of the Sixties.

Preceded by the World Theatrical Premiere of...


1995, 60 min. An intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of the film, featuring interviews with Richard Lester, Walter Shenson, Alun Owen, George Martin and others. Hosted by one of the original film's concert crowd extras -- Phil Collins!

Conversation following - with Beatles producer Walter Shenson


By the way - producer Walter Shenson - who also produced "Help!" - celebrates his 81st birthday just one week before this screening. Let's give him a magnificent birthday gift! Let's give him a packed house - full of Beatles fans of all ages! Our special thank you to the man who put the Beatles on film and defined their visual image for all time.

Screening of A Hard Day's Night
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SATURDAY JULY 1st 2000 - 8:15 PM

Los Angeles Theatrical Premiere!
Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg In Person!!

Martin Lewis says: 4 1/2 Shags!

This film was the unseen holy grail of rock 'n' roll film for nearly 30 years! It was much written about at the time of its 1968 making - and when it was not immediately released became the subject of much speculation. When it was finally issued on videotape in 1996 it was clear that whatever had caused it to be rock's unseen treasure - it certainly wasn't the quality of the film or the performances. It features vintage Beggars Banquet-era Stones - full of bacchanalian intensity. The performance by John Lennon of "Yer Blues" with a super-group backing is searing. And the Who are equally riveting.

The film was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg who the following year directed "Let It Be." I worked with Michael this past year as Technical Advisor and Music Consultant on his superb VH1 film "Two Of Us" about Lennon & McCartney's fabled final reunion - and I found him to be charming, witty and full of impish humor. I'm greatly looking forward to our post-film discussion. I know it will be special.

Eric Clapton, John Lennon
and Keith Richards


1968, ABKCO, 65 min. Easily the greatest lost rock film of the 60's, ROCK & ROLL CIRCUS is a freewheeling, psychedelic carnival of acrobats, fire-breathers and pure rock & roll - featuring the Rolling Stones, the Who, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull and Jethro Tull. Directed by future LET IT BE helmer Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the film features the Stones (with Brian Jones, in his last on-camera appearance) ripping through "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Sympathy For The Devil," "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and others, while Lennon, Yoko and Clapton deliver a stunning "Yer Blues." As a one-time only event, we will be screening the film, courtesy of ABKCO & The Rolling Stones.

Conversation following - with director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

Bill Wyman, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon,
Charlie Watts and Brian Jones (background)

SATURDAY JULY 1st 2000 - 10:00 PM

Restored Version!
Brand-New DTS-Digital Stereo Soundtrack!

Martin Lewis says: 4 Shags!

This is not to be missed! The original film was released in 1968 when the technical limitations of the day rendered the brilliant day-glo colors comparatively muted. Of course they seemed fine at the time. But viewing the newly restored version is a marvel. The improvements are even more pronounced in the audio. As was common at the time - the film's brilliant songs and George Martin score were traduced into a poor mono soundtrack. The new version is in sensational six-track stereo. And of course apart from all the technical excellence is the fact that the film is a giddy delight!

Incidentally - at the time the film was being planned - The Beatles wanted no part of it! They just didn't get it! Didn't even want it made. Fortunately for us all - the Beatles' prescient manager Brian Epstein was relentless. And he persuaded them to permit the film to be made and to contribute four new songs. As usual he was incredibly astute on the Beatles' behalf. Click here to learn more about the comparatively forgotten genius behind the Beatles.


1968, Apple Films (MGM-UA), 85 min. The Forces of Evil (The Blue Meanies) do battle with the Forces of Good (John, Paul, George & Ringo) for the fate of Pepperland, in director George Dunning's marvelous, Pop Art animated classic. With the toon Fabs brandishing songs from "Rubber Soul" "Revolver" and "Sgt. Pepper" - the Blue Meanies don't stand a chance! Both the picture and the audio have been completely restored by MGM/UA - including the legendary "Hey Bulldog" sequence inexplicably cut from the original U.S. release prints. The audio restoration renders the film's music into stunning 6-track stereo sound - mixed from the original multi-track masters. (The first and only time the Beatles have ever permitted such remixing to be undertaken.) The quantum leaps in technology since 1968 mean that the restored picture is actually brighter and better than the original release prints. Don't miss this rare special screening!

Plus "A MOD ODYSSEY" 1968, 9 min. - a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the classic film - along with other rescued treasures from the Yellow Sub!

Conversation preceeding - with Yellow Sub restoration supervisor Bruce Markoe.

Screening of Yellow Submarine
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SUNDAY JULY 2nd 2000 - 2:00 PM

A Magical Monkee Tour!
Micky Dolenz In Person!!

Martin Lewis says: 3 1/3 Shags!

The Monkees are the Rodney Dangerfield of the pop world. They NEVER get the respect they deserve!

Focusing on HOW they were formed rather than what they actually did misses the point of The Monkees. They weren't a pop group. They were a team of actors PLAYING a pop group. Which is why the Beatles got a kick out of them - and hosted a famous party for them in London in 1967.

Periodically the world takes a fresh look at the Monkees - and they become hip again. By way of example - if in 1985 you'd mentioned the name The Monkees to the self-appointed denizens of hip at MTV - you'd have been laughed out of the place in a cloud of the prevailing powder of the time. One year later - re-runs of the Monkees 1966-8 TV series were the #1 show on the network - and all the moussed-up TV revolutionaries were declaring undying fealty to the pre-fab four. Of course TV executives are made of 'fickle' - so one year later - the Monkees were passe again. Careful thought makes it apparent that is the world's attitude to them that changes - not the Monkees' talents.

The real truth is that the Monkees are one of the world's greatest guilty pleasures! So put your 'hipness' away and come enjoy this fun event. My good mate Micky Dolenz will be on hand to share his Monkee memories! By the way - maybe we're entering a new phase of Monkee-mania. VH1 will be premiering its new TV biopic "Daydream Believers" on Wednesday June 28 and there is also a VH1 "Behind The Music" on the Monkees coming!


1968, Rhino Home Video, 50 min. Dir. Art Fisher. The Monkees first network TV special was broadcast on Monday April 14, 1969 and it boasted an eclectic list of guests stars. Viewers who switched on TV that night saw an astonishing array of personalities. Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Sidney Poitier, Frank Sinatra, Jack Lemmon, Water Matthau, Mel Brooks, Jane Fonda, Bob Hope, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Tony Curtis, Vanessa Redgrave, Katherine Hepburn... to name just a few. Unfortunately - those were the stars seen by viewers watching the Oscars - which was being broadcast on ABC at the exact same time! So the Monkees' TV special - which was on NBC - sank without trace.

That was a shame, because pioneering rock TV producer Jack Good rounded up a veritable Who's Who of rock & roll greats to guest with the Monkees - including Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Little Richard; adding a contemporary touch were progressive 60's artists the Buddy Miles Express and Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity. In addition to multiple group sequences including a lively 50's medley - each Monkee does a solo turn. This rarely-seen special is a bizarre mixture of psychedelia and variety show.


1966, Rhino Home Video, 25 min. Dir. Mike Elliot. This ultra-rare pilot episode features all of the classic Monkees songs - sung by noted Monkees composers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart! (Producer Bob Rafelson didn't authorize the overdubbing of the familiar Monkees vocals until the show got the green light.) Plus, additional Monkees rarities!!

Conversation following with musician/actor Micky Dolenz.

SUNDAY JULY 2nd 2000 - 4:00 PM

Judy Geeson and Spencer Davis In Person!

Martin Lewis says: 4 Shags!

In 1967 the Beatles appointed journalist and novelist Hunter Davies as their official biographer and his book "The Beatles" was published in 1968. Davies was a very busy writer in those days. He had recently completed his first novel - a witty coming-of-age tale "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." Director Clive Donner who had just filmed "What's New Pussycat" was hired and Davies set to work writing the script. The result was a breezy, cheeky tale of a young virginal lad at play in the 'fields of dollybird.' With the luscious Judy Geeson in his sights - no wonder Barry Evans is agitated! The film's title is a play off an ancient kiddies' nursery rhyme - and how the games of childhood reoccur in adolescence and beyond. Traffic's soulful psychedelic title song - sung by Steve Winwood takes that concept as its inspiration and delivers powerfully. Winwood's alma mater - the seminal Spencer Davis Group - perform several songs - and appear in a party scene. And - we are lucky indeed that Spencer will attend this screening along with Judy Geeson to chat with us about the film.


1967, MGM/UA, 96 min. From director Clive Donner (WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT), HERE WE GO ROUND is a cheeky, near-irresistible Pop Art comedy about a hapless young Brit (Barry Evans) trying to lose his virginity during the Love Generation. Scandalous (at the time) for its brief flashes of on-screen nudity - and featuring a stunning psych-pop soundtrack with the Spencer Davis Group (on-camera in the obligatory party sequence!) Stevie Winwood and Traffic - HERE WE GO ROUND co-stars Judy Geeson, Angela Scoura, Adrienne Posta and Sheila White as the teenage girls who drive Evans to distraction. Adapted from his own novel by author Hunter Davies - who wrote the official Beatles biography in 1968.

Conversation following with Judy Geeson and Spencer Davis.

SUNDAY JULY 2nd 2000 - 6:00 - 10:00 PM

Martin Lewis says: 5 Shags!

Last year's Mods & Rockers Tea Party & Movie was something of an experiment. Truthfully we didn't know how many people would attend. Well - it was just a blast! We had a glorious sell-out! First of all "Go-Go Mania!" was a total joy. It's so campily staged - yet we in the audience were all hollering our appreciation of our favorite acts as though they were on stage in front of us.

The Tea Party was incredible. Everyone pigged out on tasty Bangers & Mash (with veggie Cornish pasties for those so inclined) and drank copious quantities of beer. Then came the incredible live 60's music from the Shag-a-delics.

This year The Shag-a-delics are led by the legendary Spencer Davis. Already lined up for the all-star band are former Police guitarist Andy Summers, ex-Knack drummer Bruce Gary and Wings guitarist Laurence Juber. Many more famous musicians will be on stage. Playing everyone's favorite sixties songs!

One thing is for sure - Co-Dependence Day as I like to call it - will be a day to remember! So be there!!!

Fab Fun Family Event!!!
Celebrate the July 4th Weekend - British style!

The Second Annual Mods & Rockers English Tea Party & Movie!

Including live 60's hits from all-star band THE SHAG-A-DELICS:

Already confirmed in the band:

(Spencer Davis Group)
(The Police)
(The Monkees)
(Moody Blues & Wings)
(Peter & Gordon)
(super session man!)
(The Knack)
(Rod Stewart)
(The Waltons)
(Tomorrow & Pretty Things)

And many many more stars to be added!

For star updates - click here for the Celebrity Shagging page!

At 6:00 PM re-live the British Invasion with an must-see encore of last year's fab smash rave-up movie, GO GO MANIA! Then, at 7:30 PM, Brits and Yanks bury their differences and celebrate "Co-Dependence Day" with a Mod Tea Party featuring live 60's music by all-star band THE SHAG-A-DELICS"-

  • Great British food & drink!
  • Live Sixties Music by all-star band!
  • Sixties fashion show!
  • Costume contest! (Prizes for best-dressed Mods & Rockers!)
  • 'Veddy' British fun for all the family - especially the kids!

Co-Dependence Day!
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1965, Canal +, 70 min. Dir. Fred Goode. Stroll through some of the most insanely-Mod sets ever created, in this wildly-enjoyable Brit-pop concert flick featuring the cream of the British Invasion - including the Beatles, the Animals, Peter & Gordon, Herman's Hermits, the Nashville Teens, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, the Honeycombs and more. Shot in mind-blowing widescreen Technicolor by the cinematographer who later filmed Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odessey - GO GO MANIA is a priceless celebration of long-haired ravers and screaming teens.



WEDNESDAY JULY 5th 2000 - 7:00 PM

Actor and Herman's Hermits founder/singer - Peter Noone in person!!!

Martin Lewis says: 3 Shags!

I thought I was up-to-speed about Herman's Hermits - but I had never heard of this film! I was very aware of the gloriously sublime "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" - a Technicolor film with a plot of gossamer density! (The Mrs. Brown of the famous theme-song's title turns out to be a greyhound!) But "Hold On!" promises to make "Mrs. Brown" seem like Chekov by comparison!

Not only does it feature of course the wonderfully energetic Peter Noone - who will be present with us for the screening - but it also has a soundtrack of songs written by the enigmatic P. F. Sloan - composer of the seminal protest 60's song made famous by Barry McGuire "Eve Of Destruction." After "Eve" became a worldwide hit and the release of this film - Sloan disappeared for a long time. His vanishing act prompted the great Jimmy Webb ("MacArthur Park") to write a song in the early 70's called "I Have Been Seeking P.F. Sloan"

Well since Peter Noone phoned me to say that he was coming to this event - I too have been seeking P.F. Sloan - and I hope that he will join Peter in attending what will be a great night!


1966, MGM 85 min. Dir. Arthur Lubin. In 1965-6, Herman's Hermits were second only to the Beatles in US popularity - and they were offered their first starring movie vehicle. Arthur Lubin whose credits spanned Abbott & Costello to Mister Ed, The Incredible Mr. Limpet and the Addams Family directed this gritty, urban thriller.. (just kidding!) Herman (Peter Noone) and the boys are touring the US when NASA offers them the chance of having a spaceship named after them. Adventures ensue... Many of them to songs written by the legendary P.F. Sloan (Barry McGuire's "Eve Of Destruction") This movie includes two top ten hits and the chance to see why the film was also called "There's No Place Like Space"!

Conversation following - with actor and Herman's Hermits founder/singer - Peter Noone

Peter Noone

WEDNESDAY JULY 5th 2000 - 9:15 PM

Ultra-Rare Pink Floyd Soundtrack Double-Feature!
"More" director Barbet Schroeder In Person!!

Martin Lewis says: 3 Shags!

I think that Pink Floyd must be one of the most prolific creator of rock movie soundtracks of all time! There was a time when it seemed that every other month there was a new movie being released which featured a fresh set of music from the Floyd. The fact that they were so skilled at improvising that spacey progressive music - meant that they were very capable of scoring films open to their innovative atmospheric sound. "Zabriskie Point" "The Valley" (aka "Obscured By Clouds") and "More" immediately come to mind.

I did not see "More" when it was first released - and I have been waiting for many years to see it on the big screen. Director Barbet Schroeder - the man responsible for films such as "Reversal Of Fortune" and "Single White Female" was also the director of "The Valley" - so I'm hoping that he will reveal to us the secret of how he secured two soundtracks from the band.


1969, 116 min. After four films as a producer, Barbet Schroeder ("Single White Female," "Reversal of Fortune") made his writing and directing debut with this stunning portrait of the dark underbelly of the Sixties' sex and drugs revolution. Mimsey Farmer stars as the gorgeous, Edie Sedgwick-like junkie princess who draws German drifter Klaus Grunberg into her sunlit world of Euro beach parties, retired Nazis and heroin fixes. With a brilliant, sinister score by Pink Floyd that perfectly captures the dreamy paranoia of Schroeder's early masterpiece.

Conversation between films with MORE director Barbet Schroeder.

Pink Floyd

Martin Lewis says: 3 1/2 Shags!

One of the big hits of last year's festival was the movie "Privilege" starring Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones. Now we have an even rarer film starring Paul Jones. I know nothing about it save for its synopsis and its rarity! And the fact that it too has a rare Pink Floyd soundtrack!

I did spend two very enjoyable hours on the phone speaking with Paul Jones in England recently - trying to persuade him to come to L.A. for the festival! Paul really liked the idea - but his prior commitments meant that he would have had to fly in and out within 24 hours - quite a dash for just one movie!

So I've already asked him to pencil the dates for next year!


U.S. Premiere!

1968, Contemporary Films, 58 min. Dir. Peter Sykes. Never-before-seen in the U.S., THE COMMITTEE is an alarming parable of repression, starring Manfred Mann-singer Paul Jones (PRIVILEGE) as a solitary hitchhiker who's abducted to a remote mansion, where he's interrogated by an authoritarian committee. Featuring music by Pink Floyd, in one of their all-time rarest soundtrack contributions.


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