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The films in the festival spotlight an astonishing array of directors, writers and producers. This page lists all of the directors - and the more noted writers and producers. It also highlights the names of some familiar filmmakers in early career work as assistant director, cinematographer or continuity-person etc. Where a writing credit is widely attributed - but not in the original credits - that is noted by an asterisk *

So check out the movies created by your favorites!

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Woody Allen
What's Up, Tiger Lily? (Director/Writer)
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Michelangelo Antonioni
Zabriskie Point (Director)
Zelda Barron
Zelda Barron is a hero to lovers of Shagadelia. It was Zelda who directed the 1989 film "Shag" - which helped introduce American audiences to the word's broader meanings. Barron spent many years in the British film industry working in 'continuity' on films ranging from "Morgan" and "Isadora" to "Yanks" and Monty Python's first film. She has been a special consultant on several Warren Beatty films from 1981's "Reds" to 1998's "Bulworth." She also worked as production supervisor with Lindsay Anderson on seminal films such as "If..." and "O Lucky Man."
Sebastian (Continuity)
Morgan! (Asst. to Director)
Maurice Binder
Celebrated designer of movie titles sequences - including all the acclaimed James Bond opening sequences.
Barbarella (Title designer)
Bruce Brown
Brown is a very selective director - he's only made a handful of films in 35 years. The topics apart from his two surfing movies have been skiing, motor-cycling and extreme sports!
The Endless Summer (Director)
Jack Cardiff
Celebrated British cinematographer who occasionally directed. In 2001 he received an honorary Academy Award for his services to the industry. Celebrated films range from "Black Narcissus" to "Rambo." After directing Marianne Faithfull in "Girl On A Motorcycle" he only directed two more films - and returned to full-time cinematography. Perhaps he felt he'd reached an unsurpassable pinnacle!
Girl On A Motorcycle (Director)
Dick Clement
With his longtime writing partner Ian La Frenais, Clement created two of Britain's top sitcoms - "The Likely Lads" in the 60's and 70's - and "Porridge." As writers they scripted Alan Parker's "The Commitments" and the under-rated "Still Crazy." They were also supervising producers for Tracey Ullman's Emmy-winning HBO series "Tracey Takes On..." Clement is also an occasional director - including a pair for George Harrison's Handmade Films in the 80's - "Water" and "Bullshot."
Otley (Director/Co-Writer)
Richard Crawford
Captain Milkshake (Director)
Dino De Laurentiis
With 119 producing credits to his name across 60 years - from 1941's "Love Song" to 2001's "Hannibal" - De Laurentiis is one of the world's most accomplished producers. His credits include films as varied as "Ragtime" and "Conan the Barbarian."
Barbarella (Producer)
Clive Donner
Started in UK TV directing shows such as "Danger Man" ("Secret Agent Man" in the US) then after a few features returned principally to TV work. In 1980 he directed a feature featuring Maxwell Smart - "The Nude Bomb" - which defied its title - even though it replaced Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) with Agent 34 (Sylvia "Emmanuel" Kristel!)
What's New Pussycat? (Director)
Ian Fleming
The creator of the James Bond series had sold the film/TV rights to his first Bond book - "Casino Royale" and that resulted in a failed American TV movie in the mid-50's - with the hero Americanized as "Jimmy Bond" ! When "Dr. No" started the Bond movie craze in 1962 - the owners of the film rights of "Casino Royale" took notice - and finally the book was remade in 1967 as a spy spoof - to differentiate it from the established Bond movie series. But Fleming died in 1964 - and never got to see the satirized Bond.
Casino Royale (Co-Writer)
Stephen Frears
Before he became a noted director in his own right ("My Beautiful Laundrette," "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid," "Prick Up Your Ears," "Dangerous Liaisons" and "The Grifters") Frears worked as an assistant director with filmmakers such as Lindsay Anderson ("If...") and first-time director Albert Finney ("Charlie Bubbles.")
Sebastian (Assistant Director)
David Greene
A very varied career - including directing episodes of TV shows such as "The Saint" and the award-winning "Roots" mini-series.
Sebastian (Director)
Edmond T. Greville
"Beat Girl" (otherwise known as "Wild for Kicks") was obviously the career topper for this French director. He made two more films - "House of Sin" and "Hands of a Strangler" (also known as "Twisted Lives") - and he retired. A career which started with the delightfully named "Train Of Suicides" in 1931 was over. After directing Adam Faith - his life's work was evidently complete...
Beat Girl (Director)
Val Guest
This English director has had one of the most stunningly varied of careers. He wrote some of the classic Will Hay comedies - including 1937's sublime "Oh Mr. Porter!"; he directed some of the finest British sci-fi movies - including "The Quatermass Experiment" and "The Day the Earth Caught Fire." He was also responsible for Olivia Newton-John's film debut "Toomorrow" (which was a smash at the 2000 Mods & Rockers festival!) and the temptingly titled "Au Pair Girls."
Casino Royale (Director)
Peter Hall
After running the Royal Shakespeare Company, he took over running Britain's National Theatre from Lord Laurence Olivier. Though his main concentration has been directing stage plays and opera - he periodically directs films. His 1969 film "Three Into Two Won't Go" was widely acclaimed. "Work Is a Four Letter Word" was his first.
Work Is A 4-Letter Word (Director)
Ben Hecht
In the 38 years between 1936 and his death in 1964 the prolific Hecht was associated as a writer with no less than 136 projects. On many of these - he was not officially credited. Even more remarkable is that he has had no less than 9 projects bearing his words that have been produced since his death! And that includes "Casino Royale" - produced three years after his passing - but which apparently has an uncredited contribution from him!
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Joseph Heller
The famed author of "Catch-22" was one of many uncredited writers on "Casino Royale" - following a stint writing the "McHale's Navy" TV series (!) and the movie "Sex And The Single Girl."
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Ken Hughes
Hughes was also writer/director of films such as 1970's "Cromwell" and another Fleming adaptation - his children's book "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Casino Royale (Director)
John Huston
One of America's most accomplished and cherished directors fitted his contribution to "Casino Royale" in between "The Bible" and "Reflections In A Golden Eye." Part of a rich heritage that includes "Moby Dick" "The African Queen" "Key Largo" "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and "The Maltese Falcon"
Casino Royale (Director)
Ian La Frenais
For details see the entry (above) for his longtime writing partner Dick Clement. In addition to his projects with Clement, La Frenais was the sole writer of a classic 60's film which graced the first Mods & Rockers Festival - "The Touchables."
Otley (Co-Writer)
Joseph Losey
"Modesty Blaise" was sandwiched between some of Losey's most acclaimed films "Accident," "King and Country" and "The Servant" and "The Damned"
Modesty Blaise (Director)
Wolf Mankowitz
Russian-born writer, raised in London's East End - a poor immigrant section - he achieved fame for his astute ability to capture the patois and concerns of working class cockneys in rough-hewn plays and films.
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Joe McGrath
Very talented TV director who directed the classic Peter Cook and Dudley Moore TV series "Not Only... But Also"
Casino Royale (Director)
David Mercer
Morgan! (Writer)
Jack O'Connell
Revolution (Director)
Robert Parrish
Academy Award-winning editor who went on to success as a director. He started as a child actor in Chaplin films such as "City Lights"
Casino Royale (Director)
Carlo Ponti
123 films produced or executive-produced in the 54 years between 1944's "Two Anonymous Letters" and 1998's "Liv" - including classics such as "Blowup" and "Doctor Zhivago." All that and he has been married to Sophia Loren since 1957!
Zabriskie Point (Producer)
Michael Powell
One of the most distinguished filmmakers of all time. In partnership with Emeric Pressburger he wrote, directed and/or produced films such as "The Red Shoes," "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp," "Black Narcissus" and "The Thief of Baghdad." A hero to Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.
Sebastian (Producer)
Karel Reisz
Czech-born, but raised in England - he became a key figure in the development of the British Free Cinema - the UK equivalent of the French new wave. He produced colleague Lindsay Anderson's first feature "This Sporting Life" and directed his own films which include "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," "Isadora" and "The French Lieutenant's Woman."
Morgan! (Director)
Nicolas Roeg
Before he became an acclaimed director ("Performance," "Don't Look Now," "The Man Who Fell to Earth" etc) he was a masterful cinematographer for directors such as Richard Lester ("Petulia") and he undertook 2nd unit work such as this film.
Casino Royale (2nd Unit Cinematography)
Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers was rarely credited for writing work. He has a credit for "Additional Material" on his 1969 film "The Magic Christian" and on two projects with his Goon Show colleague Spike Milligan - "The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film" the breakthrough 1959 film short directed by Richard Lester - and the 1951 short "Let's Go Crazy"
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Sam Shepard
Before "Paris, Texas" and "Fool for Love" - there was Sam Shepard's first few screen writing credits. "Zabriskie Point" was only his second screenplay - a valuable co-writing experience.
Zabriskie Point (Co-Writer)
Terry Southern
Terry Southern was a groundbreaking and influential writer - but he was not a prolific screenwriter. Just eleven scripts in 24 years. But the films he worked on include some of the most noteworthy of the era. From "Dr. Strangelove" and - "The Cincinnati Kid" to "The Magic Christian," "Barbarella" and "Candy." He was also a co-writer on "Easy Rider" and an uncredited writer on "Casino Royale."
Barbarella (Co-Writer)
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Harrison Starr
What a cool name! We see "Lennon McCartney" all the time. But we rarely see "Harrison Starr" ! Harrison Starr's first credit was in 1962 as Production Manager on Arthur Penn's "The Miracle Worker" - just as the Beatles released their first record. He graduated to Associate Producer on Paul Newman's directorial debut "Rachel, Rachel" in 1968 - just as the Beatles were releasing the White Album. And his final listed credit is as Executive Producer of "Zabriskie Point" in 1970 - just as the Beatles broke up. After Harrison & Starr were no longer producing in the same band - Harrison Starr stopped producing! Coincidence? If we could find the brilliantly named Harrison Starr - we could let you know!
Zabriskie Point (Executive Producer)
Senkichi Taniguchi
Not just a one-hit wonder - some of Taniguchi's other titles speak for themselves: "The Killing Bottle" "Adventure of the Strange Stone Castle" "The Lost World of Sinbad" "Blood on the Sea" "Gambling Samurai" "Three Villains of the Mountain Hut" and the ground-breaking "No Response From Car 33"
What's Up, Tiger Lily? (Director)
Roger Vadim
How can one not love a man who titled his autobiography "Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda: My Life With the Three Most Beautiful Women in the World"? And who made a star of his wife Brigitte Bardot in his 1956 film "And God Created Women..."? And whose 1968 film "Barbarella" inspired Simon Le Bon and company... (Well THAT wasn't Vadim's fault!)
Barbarella (Director)
Billy Wilder
The grand master of witty comedies - like several other notable writers - apparently contributed words to the all-star "Casino Royale" - adding yet another film to one of the most impressive list of credits of any filmmaker.
Casino Royale (*Co-Writer)
Michael Winner
Winner is perhaps best-known for his vigilante flicks - the "Death Wish" trilogy - but in the 60's he made a succession of sassy comedies which spoofed the 'happening' generation and the 'now' scene.
I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name (Director)

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