The majority of our customers buy their tickets at the door the night of the screening they want to see - so there are usually long lines 30 minutes before a screening is about to start. To avoid waiting in long lines, when you come to the box office to purchase advance tickets (for a program in the future) - avoid peak times such as the hour before a show starts.

On nights where there is more than one show - come after the first movie has gone in and you'll walk right up. Or stop by during the afternoon after 1:00pm.

Should you purchase advance tickets? Well we do often sell out - especially when we have guests. So if you don't handle disappointment well - get your tickets in advance!

Remember - when you become a member of the American Cinematheque you have several privileges.

Your tickets are at special members' prices! You may purchase tickets in advance by mail and paying by check - without a service charge.

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