It is very simple to order tickets in advance by fax - using a VisaCard or MasterCard. Just follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Your order must be faxed five (5) full business days in advance of the date of the first film on your order.

  2. Your tickets will not be mailed. You will pick them up at "will-call" when you come to the first show on your order.

  3. You will receive a confirmation phone call. If you do not receive a confirmation call two days prior to the first film on your order - please phone (323) 461 2020 Ext. 120.

  4. Your credit card will be charged at the rate of $8 per ticket. There is also a $1 per ticket handling charge for faxed orders - which will be added to your credit card charge.

  5. Incomplete ticket orders cannot be processed.

Fax your ticket order to: (323) 467 0163

All orders must include the following:

  1. Your first & last name as it appears on your credit card.
  2. The complete credit card number
  3. The expiration date on your credit card.
  4. Your signature
  5. Phone numbers you can be reached for confirmation - day-time and night-time.
  6. The name(s) of the movie(s) you wish to see
  7. The date & time of each movie
  8. The number of tickets required for each movie.

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