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JACK CASADY (Jefferson Airplane)

A groovy shagadelic welcome to the Official Website for the Fifth Annual Mods & Rockers Film Festival!

This website has been set up to provide general information, detailed schedule, deep background, cool visuals, fascinating links and total lunacy relating to the Mods & Rockers 2003 Film Festival - which takes place at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood - Thursday July 3rd till Tuesday July 15th, 2003.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the pioneering women performers of the 1960’s – who made such a fantastic contribution to that decade.

We will showcase work by Nancy Sinatra, Michelle Phillips and Janis Joplin among many.

We are delighted and honored to announce that two of those 'supergirls' will be our very special guests at the festival!

Nancy Sinatra and Michelle Phillps
Appearing at the festival on Saturday July 5th
and Thursday July 3rd respectively.

(This photo was taken at a recent lunch in Los Angeles at which these two stars met up to discuss the festival and their participation in it)

The festival features some of the world's biggest movie stars, coolest Sixties musicians and most talented movie directors. There will soon be alphabetical listings of all the actors, musicians and filmmakers whose work is included in the festival. You can browse the lists for your favorites and find all the films in the festival to which they are connected.

Those who have attended any of the previous four festivals know how much fun these seasons of shagadelia are. And we are delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 5th anniversary by presenting another of our very popular Mods & Rockers English Tea Parties this year. This will take place on Saturday July 5th – a day which the Brits in Los Angeles light-heartedly call “CO-Dependence Day”!

And for the first time – we’re delighted to announce that we’ve hooked up with top-rated Hollywood club The Knitting Factory (just 5 minutes walk from the Festival movie theater) to create a Mods & Rockers Club House – which will be open every festival day from 6pm to 2am. Full details by linking to the Club House page.

If you remember the Sixties from first time around - you will find countless treasures to bring a smile - and happy memories of the halcyon days of the grooviest decade of the grooviest century!

If you're too young to have experienced the madness first hand - and have discovered the glorious Sixties through the Austin Powers movies or some of the great music and movies from the original era - you'll have a blast too!

If you live within traveling distance of Los Angeles - you won't want to miss this fab fun film fest!

This Mods & Rockers website is very much like the universe. It's continually expanding! So check out the all the groovy movies and plan what you want to see. Then bookmark and come back soon!

And if you've had fun - please let your fabbest friends know about this site! Send them an e-mail to turn them on!

The philosophy of this website is very simple. It is dedicated to celebrating a Groovy Kind Of Love.... the love of The Shagadelic Sixties... the love of... MODS & ROCKERS!


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