The 7th Annual


celebrating 50 years of movies that rock…

July 13th - August 31st 2006

in Los Angeles

This year's festival is going to be big news for several reasons.

It is not only the biggest Mods & Rockers festival we've ever presented - it's also the biggest festival of rock 'n' roll-related movies ever presented in the USA! Biggest in duration, in number of films presented and in number of musicians being saluted.

And it marks the evolution of the festival from its origins as an annual retrospective of Sixties movies - to becoming a festival with far broader horizons…

Just like the pop film genre and the rock culture that inspired its creation in 1999, the Mods & Rockers festival has reinvented itself this year - and it now embraces a wider range of films and a fuller definition of its title.

Our festival is now a celebration of the entire rock 'n' roll film culture and the fresh attitudes that emerged from rock's primeval beginnings in 1956 - all the way to the present day. It is now about the spirit of the film and accompanying music rather than just the era in which the film was made - or the time-period depicted on the screen.

Our new philosophy is simple. It rocks - therefore it is…!

"Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out"
Director/drummer Stewart Copeland shoots The Police...

Here are just some of the key elements of this year's festival:

  • This year's Festival spans 6 weeks: July 13-August 31
  • It features over 50 rock-related films released in the 50 years between 1956 and 2006
  • First film (1956) Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender" - Most recent film (2006) Stewart Copeland's "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out" (the new documentary about The Police)

  • Featuring music from over 125 top musicians - An A-Z (an Animals-to-Zappa!) of rock
  • Presenting 35mm films on the big screen - the way they were made to be seen!
  • Including many films not available on DVD - and never seen on TV
  • At TWO landmark historic movie theaters in L.A. (Grauman's Egyptian & The Aero)
  • The music in the movies featured in the festival encompasses roots rock 'n roll, British Invasion, psychedelia, garage-rock, blues, punk, new-wave, folk-rock, reggae, pop, techno etc etc

    "Elvis and June" in 1956

  • Week-long celluloid salute to Elvis Presley - "Long Live The King!"
  • A celebration of rockumentaries - "We Will… We Will… DOCU!"
  • Salute to "guilty pleasure" 70s & 80s jukebox movies - "Can't Stop The Musicals!"
  • Rarely seen surf movies - including rare movie appearance by the Beach Boys
  • Presentation of the "Mods & Rockers Groovy Movie Award" honoring an under-sung film that captures the essence of rock 'n' roll

Click here to see the full film festival schedule!

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