The Mods & Rockers Clubhouse!

We have a fantastic private clubhouse -- just 10 seconds walk from the Egyptian Theatre!

With full bar serving drinks till 2am!

After you’ve enjoyed your evening of movies -- you can walk next door for a nightcap in our private clubhouse -- where the mood and vibe of the films you’ve just enjoyed will continue.

Each night that the clubhouse is open -- the musical theme in the club will match the music you’ve just been enjoying on the big screen.

If you’ve just enjoyed a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin movie -- that’s the musical theme of the night in our clubhouse!

Just the right volume to continue the vibe of the night -- and not so loud as to drown out your post-movie conversation!

In short -- the perfect hang-out for Mods & Rockers alike!

The Mods & Rockers Clubhouse inside the Pig 'n' Whistle

The Mods & Rockers Clubhouse is situated in the private salon in the back of the landmark Hollywood bar The Pig 'n' Whistle - next door to the Egyptian Theatre.

Enter through the private door to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle on the LEFT side of the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard as you leave the theatre.

The Clubhouse will be open immediately AFTER the movies finish.

We look forward to seeing you in the Mods & Rockers Clubhouse after the movies!

Here’s the schedule when the Clubhouse will be open


Sat July 1411:00pm-2:00amHarry Nilsson
Sun July 1510:00pm-2:00amStones/Hendrix/Floyd/Animals
Wed July 189.30pm-2:00amLed Zeppelin
Sat July 2111:00pm-2:00amSoul music (Otis Redding/Sam & Dave etc)
Sun July 2211:00pm-2:00amSoul music (Otis Redding/Sam & Dave etc)
Wed July 2510:30pm-2:00amPunk & New Wave (Bjork/Sugarcubes)
Thu July 2610:30pm-2:00am60s pop & British Invasion
Sat July 2810:00pm-2:00amWoodstock night! (Hendrix/Who/Joplin)
Wed Aug 019:30pm-2:00amBeatles/Cream/Hendrix/Floyd/Who


The Pig 'n' Whistle has been a Hollywood landmark since it first opened in 1927. Like the Egyptian Theatre it has recently been restored to its original glory and elegance. It conveys the fun, glamour and excitement that was the essence of the Hollywood legend for decades. Visitors step back in time and they savor the same experience that stars such as Shirley Temple, Spencer Tracy and Howard Hughes enjoyed in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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