Attend all 5 events in our October 2007 mini-festival

We are offering a chance to win a "Mods & Rockers Festival Season Pass" - which gives the winner and one guest free access to all the events in our October mini-fest - including VIP parties!

It's easy to enter.

On Saturday October 6th we are presenting a sneak preview of an amazing new rock 'n' roll movie at The Aero Theatre. We are not legally allowed to identify the film before the screening. But as the Mods & Rockers Film Festival has a reputation for premiering films featuring The Beatles, Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Dylan, Zappa etc etc - attendees are not likely to be disappointed by the "Mystery Sneak Peek!"

It is an amazing new film about one of the world's top rock acts. Just guess who - and send us an email.

The entries that guess correctly will be placed into a draw and the winner will be notified by email on Wednesday October 3rd

(The winner will be sworn to secrecy about the identity of the Mystery Artist that he or she has correctly guessed!)

If the winner has already purchased tickets for any of the programs in the festival - the Festival Season Pass can be used for two friends. And all four people will be invited to the VIP parties!

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