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Four Fab Films For Fab Four Fans!
All Films Digitally Restored!
44th Anniversary of "A Hard Day's Night"!
40th Anniversary of "Wonderwall"

Saturday June 28, 2008 - 7:30pm
Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood


(1964, 85 mins, Miramax, Directed by Richard Lester)

Director Richard Lester's brilliant, carefree comedy captured the early Beatles at their best, clowning (as one respected reviewer said) like the new Marx Bros. and set the tone for the Sixties revolution. From the restless, handheld camerawork and slight-of-hand jumpcut editing, writer Alun Owen's surreal day-in-the-life script and George Martin's sprightly score (both Oscar-nominated) to the Beatles themselves - exuberantly singing "Can't Buy Me Love," "She Loves You" and ten other Beatles classics -- this is the essence of the monochromatic early Sixties. (Will be screened from the digitally-restored video).


(2002, 35 mins, Miramax, Directed by Martin Lewis)

In 2002, Beatles historian Martin Lewis produced the DVD Edition of "A Hard Day's Night" - creating an 8-hour Companion Disc to Richard Lester's 1964 film titled "Give Me Everything!" Drawing on the in-depth interviews he conducted with no less than 29 members of the cast and crew, Lewis fashioned "Things They Said Today" - a 35-minute exploration of the creation of the original film.


(1969, 76 mins, Directed by Joe Massot)

As a tribute to the late George Harrison, who composed WONDERWALL's shimmering, sitar-laced score, and to director Joe Massot, we bring back one of the Mod Fest's most popular offerings, a gloriously meaningless, head-tripping fantasy about an eccentric scientist (Jack MacGowran) who discovers a secret window into the endless sex life of gorgeous nymph Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg's main squeeze and co-moaner of "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus"!) The restored version of the film includes a long-lost song produced by Harrison during the film's scoring sessions, which had been lying forgotten for nearly 30 years in Harrison's personal vaults.


(1965, 13 mins, Directed by Joe Massot)

Prior to making his feature debut with "Wonderwall", in 1965 Cuban-American Joe Massot made this fascinating short film that documents the mood of Swingin' London at its most luminous. Commissioned to produced a short-subject travelogue, Massot engaged Robert Freeman (the Beatles' favorite photographer) to be cinematographer on "Reflections". He asked Jenny Boyd (sister of George Harrison's wife Pattie Boyd) to appear in the film. The film was briefly shown as a short subject and then forgotten till 1999 when it was restored by Massot. As part of his restoration, he replaced the original mid-60s orchestral soundtrack with a new score by BritPop psychedelic-retro band Kula Shaker.

Tonight's Stars!

Musicians & Composers (seen and/or heard):
The BeatlesGeorge HarrisonJohn LennonPaul McCartneyRingo Starr

Actors/Directors/Producers/Cultural Icons:
Jane BirkinLionel BlairJenny BoydPattie BoydWilfrid BrambellGeorge HarrisonJohn JunkinJohn LennonJack MacGowranPaul McCartneyDerek NimmoNorman RossingtonVictor SpinettiRingo StarrRichard VernonRichard Wattis

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