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U.S. Premiere Of The Acclaimed Documentary About Arthur Lee's Love
Double Feature!

Sunday June 29, 2008 - 7:30pm
Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood


(2006, 109 mins, Directed by Chris Hall & Mike Kerry)

Produced and directed by first-time filmmakers Chris Hall & Mike Kerry, this is the story of legendary Los Angeles band Love and its principal singer/composer Arthur Lee. One of the first mixed-race rock bands, the dark claustrophobic vision of their music and the band's sinister reputation set them apart from the utopian ideals of the Flower Power generation and the Summer of Love era. Their 1967 album Prior to making his feature debut with "Wonderwall", in 1965 Cuban-American Joe Massot made this fascinating short film that documents the mood of Swingin' London at its most luminous. Commissioned to produced a short-subject travelogue, Massot engaged Robert Freeman (the Beatles' favorite photographer) to be cinematographer on "Reflections". He asked Jenny Boyd (sister of George Harrison's wife Pattie Boyd) to appear in the film. The film was briefly shown as a short subject and then forgotten till 1999 when it was restored by Massot. As part of his restoration, he replaced the original mid-60s orchestral soundtrack with a new score by BritPop psychedelic-retro band Kula Shaker. "Forever Changes" is one of the most highly-regarded albums of the rock era. Set against the turbulent era of the 1960s in America, this documentary covers the fascinating journey from their origins at Dorsey High School in South Los Angeles to their spell as Hollywood's favorite band to the creation of their masterpiece "Forever Changes," followed by their drug-fueled disintegration in 1968 and their continuing relevance to this day. Featuring extensive interviews with Love's front man and main songwriter Arthur Lee, as well as original band members Johnny Echols, Bryan MacLean, Alban 'Snoopy' Pfisterer, Michael Stuart, Elektra Records head Jac Holzman, producer Bruce Botnick, The Doors' John Densmore and arranger David Angel, the band's story is told first-hand by those who were there.

"...very crucial to the West Coast sound in the era...fronted by the charismatic Arthur Lee, a space cowboy...Hendrixian on the one hand, but a sensitive folk-pop crooner also...The era is beautifully evoked, hazy and of the band - or indeed the late 60s scene will enjoy the lucid madness caught and preserved on film." - The Lumiere Reader.


(2006, 71 mins, Directed by Kristian St. Clair)

First-time filmmaker Kristian St. Clair's documentary stands in ethereal complement to Love's "Da Capo" and "Forever Changes" albums. Born and raised in Los Angeles, vibraphonist Gary McFarland was the consummate Mod stylist, an ascot-wearing fashion icon pioneering a cool jazz groove akin to Britain's Georgie Fame. In 1963, New York Magazine dubbed McFarland "the best arranger since Duke Ellington", which turned heads the following year as McFarland started adding Beatles covers to his repertoire. In 1964, his album "Soft Samba" (featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim on guitar) received a Grammy nomination, and collaborations with Stan Getz, Bill Evans and Gabor Szabo were soon to follow. In-crowd footage shows McFarland with music peers Lalo Schifrin, Machito, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Jim Hall, Grady Tate and Clark Terry. Unusual psych-pop-jazz excursions were released by him throughout the rest of the decade, until McFarland's mysterious and tragic death in 1971.

Tonight's Stars!

Musicians & Composers (seen and/or heard):
Johnny EcholsArthur LeeBryan MacleanGary McFarlandAlban 'Snoopy' PfistererMichael Stuart

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