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Richard E. Grant - Crazy Double-Header!
Two Bruce Robinson Films!
40th Anniversary Of Handmade Films!
Q&A With "Withnail" Producer Paul Heller!

Saturday October 19, 2019 - 4:00 pm
Fine Arts Theatre, Beverly Hills


(1989, 84 mins, HandMade, Directed by Bruce Robinson)

The film is a satire on the advertising world written and directed by Bruce Robinson (Oscar-nominated writer of "The Killing Fields"). It was the follow-up film to his cult hit directing debut "Withnail and I". Like "Withnail" the film starred Richard E. Grant - in this outing with co-star Rachel Ward. The movie is a farce about a mentally unstable advertising executive who suffers a nervous breakdown while making an advert for pimple cream. The exec has a crisis of conscience about the ethics of advertising, which leads to mania. He then develops a boil on his right shoulder that comes to life with a face, voice and vengeance. Among the cast - iconic upper-class Brit Roddy Maude-Roxby ("Rowan and Martin's Laugh In") in one of his last movie roles and Sean Bean ("Lord of the Rings" trilogy) in one of his first...


(1987, 107 mins, HandMade, Directed by Bruce Robinson)

"Withnail and I" is a black comedy written and directed by Bruce Robinson. Loosely based on his life in London in the late 1960s, the plot follows two unemployed actors, Withnail and "I" (portrayed by Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann, respectively) who share a flat in North West London in 1969. Needing a vacation, they obtain the key to a country cottage in northern England's Lake District belonging to Withnail's eccentric uncle Monty and drive there. The weekend break proves rather less recuperative than they hoped... "Withnail and I" was Grant's first film role and it was crucial in establishing his profile. The film features iconic performances by Richard Griffiths as Withnail's Uncle Monty and Ralph Brown as Danny the drug dealer. It was not a hige success on its initial release but over time it has become one of Britain's most beloved cult films...

Today's Stars!

Bruce Dickinson

On-Screen Participants:
Sean BeanMichael ElphickRichard E. GrantRichard GriffithsRoddy Maude-RoxbyPaul McGannRachel Ward

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