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Festival Closing Night!
Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Handmade Films!
Sunday is Nun-Day!
Get A Fix Of Your Eric Idle Habit!
Also See Several Python Rarities!

Sunday October 20, 2019 - 7:30 pm
Fine Arts Theatre, Beverly Hills


(1990, 89 mins, HandMade, Directed by Jonathan Lynn)

Nuns on the Run is a riotous middlebrow comedy starring Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane as hapless British gangsters. When their boss learns they want to "leave" the outfit, he sets them up to be killed, After helping rob the local Triads of their drug -dealing profits - the duo decide to steal the money for themselves, but when their escape doesn't go to plan, they end up seeking refuge in a training school for nuns. Disguised as nuns, they have to avoid their boss, the Triads, the police, and a lovestruck girlfriend. Inevitably - a lot of trouble ensues... The film was written and directed by fellow Brit Jonathan Lynn - whose directing credits include "Clue" "Sgt, Bilko (both also scripted by him) and "My Cousin Vinny". He also co-created and co-wrote the award-winning British TV series "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister."

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On-Screen Participants:
Robbie ColtraneEric IdleJanet Suzman

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